Objectives/Purposes of Dawber.info Website

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Objectives/Purposes of Dawber.info Website

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If interested in Dawber family then please register on this forum. It is free to register or use this forum or any other part of the Dawber.info website for relevant purposes.

Dawber Family Website

Primary objectives and purposes of the Dawber.info website are as follows:

    - Provide easy access to Dawber Family History
      -- Display family diaries, early wills, photos and other dawber family documents of historical interest
      -- A tool to foster and support research and assembly of Dawber family history

    - Preserve Dawber Family History
      -- Providing a repository for scanned images of Dawber family documents
      -- Promote and support the digitisation of all Dawber family documents of historical interest
      -- Provide the ability for users to download and keep their own copy of Dawber family documents of interest

    - To help people interested in the Dawber family communicate with each other.
      -- helping Dawber family relatives to make connections
      -- helping people interested in dawber family genealogy to communicate
      -- helping to arrange Dawber family events such as the 150 year N.Z. anniversary

Please note that it is free to Register and use this forum for all relevant uses.

Ken Dawber
Dawber.info administrator.

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